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  • 23. – 25. Oktober 2020

What is reality? Is it only something that we can experience with our senses or is it more?
As reality is subjective for each one of us, we have the power to shape life in whichever way we want. We choose our outlook on life and how we share our energy with the world, depending on our mental makeup and connection to our inner voice.

Some look at this physical realm and see lack, others see abundance. If we learn how to transform our thoughts and expectations, our perception and reality around us starts to fill with meaning, love and abundance.

Join us for a weekend of Yoga and Exploration of the Heart Space. Connecting with the abundance that lies within, calm the mind and experience that whatever you desire can exist for you.

  • 4 traditional Hatha Yoga Classes (morning and afternoon classes) including one specialized Asana Workshop
  • Workshop in Yoga Theory and how to gently transform our perception
  • Satsangs
  • Kirtan (Mantra Chanting)
  • Accommodation in shared rooms (2-4 beds)
  • Vegan brunch and dinner based on an Ayurvedic Diet, freshly cooked with love by our Ayurvedic cook
  • Free time for nature walks and reflection

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